About Us

  • A uniquely positioned technology company that blends engineering and manufacturing knowledge to develop self-directed, digitally interactive products, simulating real life experiences.

    Knowledge Podium creates comprehensive & simplistic products to assimilate, institutionalise, distribute and assure consumption of an organisation’s knowledge across its value-chain.

    The organisation has successfully created products for engineering, manufacturing, skill up-gradation and knowledge retention needs of major industries and large educational institutions in India and abroad.


  • An entrepreneurial culture where we celebrate innovation and strive to create a fountainhead of Knowledge Lifecycle for the world. We are young at heart yet responsible, celebrate wisdom yet funny, and have deep faith in technology to solve some of the biggest problems of the world.

    We believe science and art should co-mingle to create a masterpiece, as much as hours of hard work should complement every moment of innovative inspiration. We are inspired by good things and want to be inspiring for every great possibility around us.

Why us?

  • New employees are enabled & hit the ground running
  • Older employees can constantly refresh & reinvent themselves
  • Reduced time & effort of internal experts, no need for trainers
  • Huge savings on salary costs incurred during training period
  • Savings on office, infrastructure, administration costs
  • Reduced Time & Effort of Internal Experts, no need for Trainers
  • Training can commence before employees come on roles
  • Assessment modules to help users choose their own pace
  • Integrated with LMS to support enterprise enabling initiatives
  • Customised, industry relevant examples can be incorporated