Gas and Arc Spraying

This self-directed digital training will have the fundamental knowledge of thermal spraying technology and the various types of thermal spray coatings like flame spraying and wire arc spraying, their process and application in different fields along with benefits. Also, learn about surface preparation, coating operation, inspection, maintain safety & quality standards. This interactive training allows students to learn through virtually simulated guided activities.


flame spraying

wire arc spraying

surface preparation

coating process

coating quality standards

43 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Understand thermal spray technology and the history of thermal spraying
  • Understand the major thermal spraying processes like flame spraying and arc wire spraying, along with their process equipment, and materials
  • Understand about the surface science, standards, material quality control, quality assurance in context to thermal spray coating
  • Recognize major coating materials, thermal spray equipment vendors and understand personal safety & environmental considerations, and literature associated with flame spraying and arc wire spraying
  • Understand industry use cases like coatings to protect boilers from high-temperature corrosion, where thermal spray coating has proven its capabilities to overcome the problems statements and provide desired application benefits


Fundamentals of Thermal Spraying
Advance Manufacturing
Gas and Arc spraying applications, Sacrificial coatings & repairs, Functional coatings, Surface preparation, Coating operation & inspection, Safety & Quality standards, Function Gas and Arc spraying equipment, understand process parameters, Coating thickness, Surface temperature, Surface roughness, Coating feasibility, Gas and Arc spraying applications in Boiler Industry
Job Role:
Thermal spray professional, Thermal spray technicians, Thermal spray operator
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