Grass Root Telecom Provider – Expert

This self-directed digital training will help the user to understand about the Grass Root Telecom Provider, the safety to be followed while working on Optical network and devices, solar panel, UPS and battery, the measuring instruments & tools required while performing their maintenance. This interactive training allows students to learn through virtually simulated guided activities.


fiber optic cable termination

optical network terminal

optical terminal junction box

fiber installation

95 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Safety and precautionary measures to prevent injury
  • Safety rules and use of Fire Extinguisher to control fire
  • Tools and measuring instruments required to check electrical components
  • Basics of Communication system and its types
  • Checking of different cables using testing equipment
  • Communication system and transmission media
  • Frequency range of electromagnetic waves
  • History of mobile communication
  • Mobile communication technologies
  • Fiber Optics and its need
  • Structure and types of fiber optics
  • Optical fiber communication and PON Technology
  • Function of various components in optical communication system
  • Inspection of various cables and their connectors
  • Monitoring and Verification of Optical Fiber System


Grass Root Telecom Provider - Foundation
Optical Networks, Configure Modem, Routers and Switches, WIFI and Broadband, Solar Panels maintenance, Optical/Cu cables and connectors, batteries
Job Role:
Optical Fiber Technician
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