Installation & Maintenance of DTH System

This self-directed digital training will provide the knowledge about the DTH System, its installation and maintenance procedures. This interactive training allows students to learn by doing through virtually simulated guided activities.


install a satellite dish

dish TV direction setting

troubleshooting DTH

installation & maintenance of DTH

installation of set top box

40 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Safety precautions and ESD practices
  • Tools and measuring instruments required while installation, repair and maintenance of DTH system
  • Fundamentals of DTH System and its Components
  • Fundamentals of Satellite Communication and Earth Station
  • Parts of Communication Satellites
  • Programming Source and Broadcast System
  • Components of set top box
  • Working principle of DTH System
  • Installing the satellite dish
  • Aligning the satellite antenna
  • Connecting Set top box(STB)components
  • How to check Signal Strength and Quality
  • Troubleshooting methods like Polarity Problems
  • Maintenance of the components of DTH system


Basic knowledge of DTH system
Basics of a DTH system, satellite communications and earth station, communication satellite, components of set top box, working principle, installation, maintenance, tools and measuring instruments.
Job Role:
DTH Set-Top-Box Installer and Service Technician
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