Installation and Maintenance of Office Electronic Equipment - Network Devices

This self-directed digital training will provide understanding to install and maintain various Network devices, their troubleshooting methods and repair and maintenance procedures. This interactive training allows users to learn through virtually simulated guided activities.


networking device connection and repairing

configuring networking device

intercom installation

CCTV installation and troubleshooting

40 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Safety precautions and ESD practices
  • Tools used for installation and maintenance of Network devices
  • Internal and External components of Router
  • Working principle of Router
  • Installation of Router
  • Components of Communication Bridge
  • Working principle of Communication Bridge
  • Installation of Communication Bridge
  • Troubleshooting of Communication Bridge
  • Components of Intercom System
  • Working principle of Intercom System
  • Installation of Intercom System
  • Connections of Intercom System
  • Intercom System repair procedure
  • Components of CCTV
  • Working principle of CCTV
  • Installation of CCTV system
  • Set-up the CCTV surveillance system
  • Troubleshooting of CCTV surveillance system


Introduction to computer Hardware and Troubleshooting
Ability to configure and install the Router, perform maintenance of Router, configure and install the Communication Bridge, perform maintenance of Communication Bridge, configure and install the Intercom system, perform maintenance of Intercom system, Configure and install the CCTV system, perform maintenance of CCTV system.
Job Role:
Field Technician - Computing and Peripherals
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