Installation & Maintenance of Office Application Software

This self-directed digital training will help the user to understand the procedure of installation and maintenance of different drivers and software. You will also learn the safety precautions while working with the installation of software and drivers. This interactive training allows students to learn through virtually simulated guided activities.


install application software

install and uninstall software

40 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Precautions while handling installation for Operating System different drivers
  • Different operating systems and its functions in Desktop or Laptop
  • Hardware and software prerequisites for installation of Windows 8 operating system
  • Procedure for installation and maintenance of windows 8
  • Installing different drivers on Laptop or Desktop
  • Updating & reinstallation of the drivers on Laptop or Desktop
  • Importance of data backup along with the process


Introduction to Computer Hardware and Troubleshooting and Installation and maintenance of office electronic equipment (Hardware)
Configuration of the operating system, technical knowledge on windows updates and install drivers like sound card driver, graphic card driver, VGA card driver, WIFI driver, USB driver, Bluetooth driver, mobile connect driver, scanner and printer Driver and installing office application software and precautions
Job Role:
Field Technician (Computing and Peripherals)
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