Scooter Mechanic

This self-directed digital training will be able to list the steps to remove, inspect and refit the various components of a scooter. You will also be able to explain the working of the components and systems and list the steps to ensure personal safety. This interactive training allows students to learn by doing through virtually simulated guided activities.



repair and overhauling


auto mechanic

auto technician

100 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Removal and re-fitment process of fuel tank
  • Explaining the working of the carburettor and its removal and re-fitment procedure
  • Studying the step wise replacement of replace the disc brake, brake fluid hose, and rear brake drum
  • Carrying out the measurement of rear drum run-out
  • Working on the Front End Suspension
  • Explaining the construction and working principle of a hydraulic suspension
  • Studying the step wise procedure for removal, replacement and fitment of front wheel bearing
  • Identify the types of air filter and the process for replacing it
  • Studying the step wise procedure for removal, replacement and fitment of air intake hose
  • Explain the working of the throttle body and list the steps to clean it
  • Carrying out the removal and fitment of front fork assembly. Also for silencer along with the gasket
  • Study of the various electrical components and its purpose
  • Brief study of the various special tools used in scooter repair and maintenance
  • Precautionary measures on preventing damage to the scooter or its components
  • Learn various safety precautions and personal protective equipment’s to ensure personal safety


Scooter mechanic (Foundation)
Removal and re-fitment of the carburettor, front wheel, air intake hose, silencer, air filter, electrical components, precautionary measures and safety measures.
Job Role:
Scooter Mechanic - Expert
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