Sheet Metal Foundation

This self-directed digital training will have basic knowledge about different operations performed on Sheet Metal and will be able to carry forward any operation on Sheet Metal with safety and precision, under the supervision of press shop supervisor. This interactive training allows students to learn through virtually simulated guided activities.


tools used in sheet metal working

45 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Introduction of Sheet Metals
  • Advantages and limitations of Sheet Metals
  • Applications of Sheet Metals in different Industries
  • Different operations that can be performed on Sheet Metals
  • Different machines that are used while Sheet Metal Working
  • Selection and specifications of machines for Sheet Metal Working
  • Different types of tools and materials used
  • Different types of joints
  • Various types of defects
  • PPE & safety while working in Sheet Metal press


Basic Fitting
Manufacturing Production and Fabrication
Selection, specification of machines, operations on sheet metal and its safety measures
Job Role:
Press Shop Assistant / Helper
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