Knowledge Podium has a unique product that enables learning & skill development in an instructor-less, self-paced, interactive and virtually simulated environment using process simulation tools. We work with experts, distil their knowledge and translate it into a 3D digital format which can then be easily distributed and consumed across any ecosystem.

We create content using our Digital Advanced Interactive System (DAIS) to ensure accuracy, realism and true representation of real-life operating environment.

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Software Simulation

Enabling understanding and application of any CAD software without blocking expensive software licenses.


Interactive, 3D, digital products designed considering a wide range of users, which highlight manufacturing instructions, plant & process walkthroughs and relevant engineering & vocational skills used in the industry.

Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)

Interactive, self-paced, 3D, digital user manuals designed considering a wide range of users. Products cover user manuals, operating instructions, MRO instructions and 3D spare parts catalogues.


Interactive, self-paced, 3D digital products designed keeping in consideration the education levels of maintenance professionals and their environments. Products include operating instructions, MRO instructions, spare parts & field service guides that enable technicians to identify exact problems and address them better.

Spare Part Catalogues

Integrated, interactive 3D digital catalogues sharing information about spares visually, highlighting their usage and usefulness, giving a real-time feel of usability.

Plant & Process Walkthroughs

Interactive, real life simulated, 3D digital environments which mimic plant and process walkthroughs.

Skill Development

Knowledge Podium enables learning & skill development vocational courses, that can provide self-paced learning for installation, operation, usage, maintenance, and support. The simulated learning environment in the courses are created through Digital Advanced Interactive System based on industry standard CAD-Simulation software that allows the trainees to comprehend the skills faster, and retain the same for longer term usage and reference. To ensure industry relevance and employability of certified trainees, all the courses are accredited by reputed industry partners.

Why our products

  • New employees hit the ground running, faster than ever
  • Older employees can constantly refresh & reinvent themselves
  • Reduced time & effort of internal experts, no need for trainers
  • Huge savings on salary costs incurred during training period
  • Savings on office, infrastructure, administration costs
  • Assessment modules to help users choose their own pace
  • Integrated with LMS to support enterprise enabling initiatives
  • Specific and industry relevant examples can be incorporated

Real life simulations,
making learning easy

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