CNC Programming & Machining

This self-directed digital training will enable to read Engineering Drawing & GD&T Symbols, make simple program for CNC Lathe. This interactive training allows students to learn by doing through virtually simulated guided activities.


CNC Programmer

CNC Setter cum Operator

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145 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Learn about drawing and reading GD&T symbols in Drawing and Trigonometric formulae
  • Coordinate System used in CNC Machine
  • Different types of codes used for CNC Programming
  • Basics of CNC Programming - Turning Centre (CNC Lathe), Machining Centre (VMC)
  • Machine setup (Work piece Zero Offset and Tool Offset Setting) in CNC Turning Centre (CNC Lathe) and Machining Centre (VMC)
  • Machining Operation programs on CNC Lathe and VMC
  • Safety precautions while doing Machine Setup on CNC Lathe and VMC


Introduction CNC Technology – CNC Lathe and VMC
Manufacturing Production and Fabrication
Ability to do single line CNC program and perform machining operations on CNC Lathe and VMC, perform Machine setup, safety measures
Job Role:
CNC Programmer
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