Introduction to CNC Technology - CNC Lathe

This self-directed digital training will enable to operate CNC Lathe under the guidance of supervisor. This interactive training allows students to learn by doing through virtually simulated guided activities.


CNC Operator Turning

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marine components

60 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Learn about the terminologies used in CNC
  • Difference between CNC Machine and conventional machine
  • Different parts of CNC Lathe, their Location and Function
  • Function of Control keys on Operator Panel of CNC Lathe
  • Usage of Work Holding Device, Tool Holding Devices
  • Usage of Cutting Tools and inserts
  • How the Machining Operation is performed on CNC Lathe
  • Safety while working on CNC Lathe


Machining Foundation
Manufacturing Production and Fabrication
Operate on CNC Lathe machine and able to do the machining operations on the lathe machine. Usage of Tools and inserts, tool holding devices, learn different tool types and safety measures
Job Role:
CNC Operator-Turning
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