Pipe and Structural Fabrication

This self-directed digital training will have the basic knowledge about Pipe and Structural Fabrication. This would enable learner to perform any welding operation with full safety and precision under the supervision of a welder. This interactive training allows students to learn through virtually simulated guided activities.


basics of welding

role of electricity in welding

95 Hours
Course Outline:
  • Basics of Structural and Pipe Fabrication
  • Basics of Welding and its different process (SMAW, MIG) and positions
  • Different forms of Metal used in Fabrication
  • Applications of Pipe and Structural Fabrication
  • Working principle of welding and filler materials used in welding.
  • Safety & Personal protective equipment’s in welding
  • Role of electricity in welding
  • Types of welding in Pipe and Structural Fabrication MMAW, MIG welding, FCAW, TIG, SAW, Gas welding, Oxy-fuel gas cutting
  • Edge preparation and back gouging
  • Types of joint in welding
  • Equipment and tools used in welding
  • Different defects found in welding


Basic Fitting
Manufacturing Production and Fabrication
MMAW Welding, MIG welding, FCAW, TIG, SAW, Gas welding, Oxy-fuel gas cutting, Edge Preparation and Back Gouging troubleshooting in Welding
Job Role:
Structural Welder
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